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Buyer Guides 买家需知



  • Due to different computer screen colour setting, as well as photographing skills,
  • in kind, whichever is will take original product as good.
  • If Customer would like to returns goods or whatsover, customer should bear the postage / transportation costs, delivered postage or transport costs that have been paid are non-refundable
  • We every day take down orders, welcome to leave us a msg, we will reply as soon as possible!
  • Only payment made, we will record your orders
  • After remittance, please sms or email notice with the mailing information  


  • 商品图档颜色因电脑银幕设定不同,还有拍照技巧,货品会有色差。一切以实物为准
  • 顾客需承担退换货品的邮费/运输费用,已交付的邮费或运输费是不可退款的
  • 我们每天都会上网查询订单,欢迎留言给我们, 我们会尽快回复!
  • 只有付款后卖家才会纪录下来下订单
  • 汇款后请sms或email通知并附上邮寄资料 


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