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Developmental Milestones

QQ BABY SHOP SDN BHD / 2009-08-15


Follows objects visually. Gazes toward moving objects   Mobiles   Promote eye focus; auditory stimulation
Recognizes voices of different persons   Bright colour, bold pattern books or bumper    
Turns to sounds   Cuddling toys   Tactile stimulation, security feeling
Explores hands, feet and mouth   Musical toys   Build attention span; soothing
Smiles and makes laugh   Rattles   Sound awareness
Able to sit with support   Mirrors (non-breakable)   Encourage baby to lift his head, self discovery
Able to grasp        
Make sounds to express their emotion.        
Able to crawl, stand or walk with support   Push-Pull toy/cars   Small and large muscle development
Better pincer grasp (use the thumb and index finger to pick up an object)   Stacking toys   Visual stimulation, small muscle co-ordination
Can sit up, roll over and clap hands   Drums    
Discovering the concept of cause and effect   Balls   Tactile stimulus (grasping, throwing)
Attuned to rhythm and beat to move his/her body   Activity cloth books    
Likes to pick up, open, push, pull or throw small objects around them   Toys or play mats with pockets or flips for peek-a-poo    
Likes to babble and waits for response        
Bangs on surfaces, shakes objects to make noise        
Manages to stack up things        
Improves fine motor skills   Blocks and stacking toys   Eye hand co-ordination
Comprehends and follows instructions   Stuffed toys   Learn to socialize, emotion development
Able to categorize and recognize different sizes, shapes and colours   Shape sorters   Visual and tactile stimulation
Experiments with independence   Simple puzzles   Develop finger deterity and eye hand co-ordination
Possesive, Hasn't learnt to share   Toys with buttons, levers and lids    
Able to bend at waist to pick up objects        
Runs full speed   Phones, tools, computer toys   Imitates adults, role playing
Better fine motor skills, can draw pictures   Pounding sets   Cause and efffect and small muscle development
Acquired to about three hundred words, starts to talk in phrases/sentences   Dolls/doll sets   Role Playing
Starts to enjoy playing with other children but is still very possesive   Art supplies   Stimulate creativity and imagination
Imitates adults   Blocks   Helps develop spatial concept
Takes things apart and fits them together again. Likes repetition   Books   Enrich their vocabulary, attention span


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