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QQ BABY SHOP SDN BHD / 2009-11-14

  Shopping Flow



1.      Firstly, add your interested item to your shopping cart, as method shows below:
Click on the picture you’re now in the item’s details page select the color and size (if available) 
2.     After finish add all your interested items in your shopping cart, click “check out” to proceed.
3.      Please select your preferable bank for your payment and delivery service, if there is any inquiry or special requests, please drop your message at the message box below.
4.     We promises to process your order soon after you have successfully placed your order at our website.
5.      You may make payment either before or after received order confirmation email.
6.      After payment, please inform us your payment details through SMS to 016-6701877, your SMS content should be as below:
【Order Number, amount of payment, payment to which bank and time of payment; if interbank GIRO payment, do advice accordingly
7.     Please provide correct payment details so that we can process and deliver your parcel on time.
Below is the screen of process if you choose Credit Card Payment: 
8.   We promise to deliver out your parcel within 2 working days after received your payment.
9.    Please check out your parcel to make sure you are received correct item(s) from us.
10.    If the item(s) you received are broken or not the item(s) you supposed to received, kindly contact us immediately within 3 days, otherwise your issue(s) will not be served. Please refer to 《After-sales Service》.
11. If after refer above you still do not understand how to place order, do click here for manual order form

12.    For any inquiries please feel free to drop your message at our website or email us or contact us by phone 

All customers are denoted to be agree all the rules & regulation stated above after made order.
QQ Baby Shop reserved the right to update above policy if necessary



Comments 用户评论

Author 作者:audreyjoy( 2017-05-24 11:03:48 ) Give comment Comment
Hi, I've made payment to you. Details as below:

Order number: 2017052366672
Amount: RM105.80
Bank: MBB
Time: 24/5/2017 9:16am
gooichuiyinReply:( 2017-05-24 13:22:01 )
Received payment with thanks, will courier out today.
You will receive tracking number after 7pm.
Your tracking number may take up to one business day to become active.
You may receive within two working days , if out skirt area, it may take longer than two days.
Author 作者:rayuni84( 2017-05-12 15:54:36 ) Give comment Comment
Payment done
Invoice no: 2017051222110
Bank: cimb
Ref no: 452488951
Date and time: 12/5/17 @ 15:46
Amount: rm104.40
gooichuiyinReply:( 2017-05-12 16:12:53 )
Received payment with thanks, will courier out tomorrow. 
Author 作者:rayuni84( 2017-05-12 15:52:06 ) Give comment Comment
Payment done
Invoice no; 2017051223110
Bank: cimbclick
Ref no: 452488951
Date: 12/5/17 @ 15:46
Amount: rm104.40
gooichuiyinReply:( 2017-05-12 16:10:47 )
please provide correct order number.
Author 作者:Anonymous user( 2017-05-12 14:03:49 ) Give comment Comment
Payment done
invoice number: 2017051277445
amount: RM50.70
bank: MBB
date: 12/05/2017
time: 14:01
gooichuiyinReply:( 2017-05-12 16:10:15 )
your order still pending RM 10
Author 作者:saila_rahman( 2017-05-11 23:55:28 ) Give comment Comment
so happy to shopping with qq baby shop and love it
gooichuiyinReply:( 2017-05-12 09:47:04 )
thank for your support
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