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QQ BABY SHOP SDN BHD / 2009-12-10

  Delivery Method


Ø We can ship to anywhere with correct address provided.
Ø We promise to deliver all the goods within 2 working days after confirmed received of full payment.
Ø We will notify you after sent out your goods through EMAIL, please do check your EMAIL to obtain your specific parcel TRACKING NO.
Ø For oversea delivery, shipping charges will be according to actual parcel weight. We do not responsible for any custom taxes and duty. Please do check with your local custom officer before place order.
Delivery Time
Upon payment received, we will ship the order item(s) on the NEXT working day.   
* Subject to stock availability and orders load, all local orders will be delivered later within 2 working days after the payment has been confirmed.
Courier Service
Ø We use our registered courier companies for all the deliveries.
Ø Please note that we do not deliver to P.O. Boxes, hotels & resorts.
Ø Make sure there are someone ready to receive the goods at the given delivey address.  
Delivery Duration
Ø Basically courier company will take 1~2 working days for delivery, unless those special zone or out skirt may take longer time
Ø These are estimated delivery duration and QQ Baby Shop would not responsible for delays due to any reason by courier service company.
Ø Delivery duration may vary, particularly during Christmas, Chinese New Year, and other's public holiday.
Ø Please note that this is only a rough guide. Delivery duration will depend on the postal services in your area.
COD (Come On Date Service or Cash On Delivery)  
Ø Customers have to place order at our website before coming over for COD
Ø Customers may come and take the goods at our area and RM10 of the postage charges will be waived.
Ø We'll arrange the time & date to meet up, kindly SMS or call to finalize. 
 QQ Baby Shop reserved the right to update the terms above if necessary



v 货物只能有效地配送至可以正常收件的地址。
v 本店确认收到了款项后,保证2天工作日内把货物寄出去。
v 当本店寄出了货物,会通过Email通知顾客有关包裹的Tracking no
当天收到汇款, 我们将在隔天邮寄包裹
* 除库存情况以及订单量,但我们保证一定在2天里面邮寄包裹当收到款额后。
v 本店一律采用本公司注册的快递服务。
v 请注意,本店不提供邮寄至P.O Box、旅店及度假村。
v 必顾客必须确定提供的地址必须有人准备接受货物,否则后果自负。
v 一般上快递公司会在1~2天工作日邮寄包裹, 除非是特别区或偏远的地区。
v 以上纯属本店预测的邮寄用时,只供参考。
v 基于某些因素邮寄用时或将延迟,本店一概不负责。
v 一般上,公共假期或特别假日将影响邮寄用时以至延迟。
v 本店的会面交易只提供在Setapak区,顾客可以亲自到来会面及提货。
v 面交的顾客可以免付RM10的邮寄费用
v 顾客必须在本网店内下了单后才能进行会面交易。
v 本店将尽快安排会面时间,顾客需要打电话或SMS联络。
QQ Baby Shop 完全保留更新以上条规权利若有必要


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Author 作者:Farahodin( 2021-10-20 20:28:54 ) Give comment Comment
Saya nk bayar online tp self pick up esok. Boleh??
janicecheahReply:( 2021-10-21 08:50:33 )
you may need to submit order, after payment sms or email us payment resit if want self pick up
Author 作者:Farahodin( 2021-10-20 20:27:06 ) Give comment Comment
Saya nk order online tapi nak self pick up esok. Bolehkah?
janicecheahReply:( 2021-10-21 08:50:22 )
you may need to submit order, after payment sms or email us payment resit if want self pick up
Author 作者:Nur9552( 2021-10-02 11:38:25 ) Give comment Comment
Hi boleh ke saya datang petang untuk pick up?
janicecheahReply:( 2021-10-02 14:24:50 )
have you already paid?
Author 作者:Anonymous user( 2020-11-18 11:52:27 ) Give comment Comment
Hai,can you check my invoice number
Please update number tracking..urgent .
janicecheahReply:( 2020-11-18 12:49:50 )
payment received with thanks but your order pending of RM10 postage fees
Author 作者:LindaDarus( 2020-05-21 01:10:32 ) Give comment Comment
Hai.can i self pickup tomorrow?
chongmeeyuenReply:( 2020-05-21 09:51:08 )
can we have your invoice number ?
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