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MK-BB-PANTS : Mikubi Diapers Pant(W/M'sia No free postage)( **Not Selling to East Malaysia **)

next MK-BB-PANTS : Mikubi Diapers Pant(W/M'sia No free postage)( **Not Selling to East Malaysia **)

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Using premium SAP material , ensure the softable and breathable of the diaper that care of baby' tender skin 


【Features 】

* Super Breathable 

* Super soft and comfortable 

* Super absorbent and dry surface 


【Safety Tips】

* Wash your hands before changing your baby's diaper 

* Make sure your baby is clean & dry before putting on a new diaper 

* Change used diaper to keep the baby comfortable 

* Always throw away used diaper immediately to avoid bacteria 

* Plastic bag are dangerous for children and must be kept out of reach or at a safe distance 


* Size M (60 PCS)  : 6-10KG 

* Size L (50 PCS)  : 9-13KG 

 * Size XL ( 44 PCS) : 15-20KG 

* Size XXL(40 PCS ) : >18KG 

** West Malaysia purcharse 1-4 pack RM20 postage, 5-8 pack additional postage RM15**
MK-BB-DIAPERS not selling to East Malaysia address due to postage fees too high **











Comments 用户评论

Author 作者:Anonymous user( 2021-06-04 14:48:54 ) Give comment Comment
Macam mana nak beli direct kedai. dan nk dapat update barang available.? Sebab dah dua kali pergi kedai size x available, tapi bila check on9 ada. Dah order online tracking postage dari kedai pulak.
Sekarang dah order online tak sampai2 plak, masalah curier dekat 1 minggu delay..

Adal solution tak macam mana blh beli kt kedai?
janicecheahReply:( 2021-06-05 17:37:56 )
sorry kedai dan online tak same company saya pun tak tau kedai stock available, lagi sekarang PKP semua kedai pun tak buka. alamat kita post dari warehouse saje bukar dari kedai sebab alamat ttak same pun. jika anda nak cepat dan dapat kekuar boleh je beli kat website kita cuma pilih self pick up saje, anda boleh pick up dari warehouse kita lepas bayaran dah buat tq
Author 作者:Anonymous user( 2020-08-20 15:06:27 ) Give comment Comment
I nak beli xxl tp xboleh smpai xl je.
janicecheahReply:( 2020-08-20 17:05:18 )
sorry kita tak jual size XXL
Author 作者:animzainal( 2020-07-10 20:06:16 ) Give comment Comment
Pants ni xde tape utk ikat sebelum dispose ke?
chongmeeyuenReply:( 2020-07-10 20:18:52 )
tak ada dear
Author 作者:Meija( 2020-06-12 16:10:28 ) Give comment Comment
Ank sy bru 5kg lebih bolh pkai x
QQNewCSStaff3Reply:( 2020-06-12 18:48:38 )
boleh cik :)
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