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MK-BP-MZ608: Mikubi Automatic Bilateral Electric Rechargeable Breast Pump (1 Pump + 2 Bottle)

next MK-BP-MZ608: Mikubi Automatic Bilateral Electric Rechargeable Breast Pump (1 Pump + 2 Bottle)

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1. The oval appearance is matched with different chest shapes, 360° rotating fit.

2. Massage mode, breastfeeding mode, comfortable massage and breast stimulation.

3. Breast pumping method: slow release breast pumping, reverse breast pumping.

4, high-definition screen: LED screen intelligent adjustment.

5. 3-5 hours of charging, can be used for a whole day without offline.

6. Mini size: One-handed handle is easy to carry.

7. The unilateral and bilateral modes can be switched freely. You can express breast milk on both sides at the same time, or you can breastfeed the baby at the same time to meet the needs of different mothers.


Package includes:

1x Piece Electric Breast Pump Motor

2x breast milk bottles

1xUSB charging cable


Health Tips:

1: Wash your hands before expressing or handling breast milk.

2: Warm up the breast pump with a hot towel before milking. Massage stimulates the areola to make the breasts completely transparent.

3: Milking under your own pressure. Stop pumping if your breasts or nipples are sore.

4: Only need to express eight minutes when milking (no more than 20 minutes)

5: Use lidded containers when storing breast milk

6: Take out breast milk that has been refrigerated for more than 72 hours (3 days)

7: Do not mix refrigerated breast milk with fresh breast milk.

8: Thaw refrigerated breast milk or connect the container to warm milk for warm breastfeeding.

9: Thawed breast milk, if the baby cannot drink it after 24 hours, please do not refrigerate breast milk. Dispose of remaining containers and sterilize containers.


How to use an electric breast pump?

1: The user should maintain a comfortable sitting position and relax. When pumping, place a foot pedal under your feet and elevate your feet to avoid putting pressure on your lower back.

2: Gently press the breast with a hot towel and massage the breast.

3: Align the center of the silicone with the nipple, close to the breast to avoid air entering.

4: Click the button, the breast pump starts to work, adjust the pumping position as needed.

5: Note: Do not pump milk immediately after turning it on. Wait until the host has been running for 30 seconds before pumping.



Material: ABS + PP + Silicone

Bottle capacity: 100ml

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Adjustable levels: 9 levels per mode

Power supply: USB charging



• Wash your hands before using the breast pump.

• Make sure the breast pump is assembled correctly.

• Pump with comfort position and suitable suction levels.


Cleaning and sterilizing:

• Clean and sterilize all parts of the breast pump before first use.

• Before and after each subsequent use, clean and sterilize thoroughly.

• When cleaning, dismantle all the parts completely. Also remove the valve,

• Be extra careful when removing and cleaning the valve.

• If the valve is damaged, your breast pump will not function properly.



• This product is exclusive to personal use only for hygiene and health purposes.

• Should you experience pain or discomfort, consult professional.

• Avoid direct exposing motor unit to the sunlight.


Storing breast milk:

• Pour the express breast milk in to a storage bottle or storage bag and

  keep in refrigerator or freezer as soon as you have finished pumping.

• Allow space for expansion at the top of the bottle or storage bag when freezing the breast milk.

• Never store breast milk in the door of the fridge.

• You may thaw frozen breast milk overnight in the fridge.

• Do not refreeze thawed breast milk.

• Warm the breast milk before feeding your infant.

• Do not defrost or heat breast milk in a microwave. 





















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